More than Meets the Eye

Frequent carwashes, scavenging on restaurant patios, a startling thud on the window; we tend to see the less glamorous side of birds more than not. 

But, in order to impact change, we invite you to join us in turning over a new leaf – or feather – and seeing birds in a new light.

They are our forgotten weathermen, farmers, and pest control agents. Birds significantly impact our lives in ways we tend to easily dismiss.

Happy, Little Gardeners

Long before we ever had the folklore of Johnny Appleseed or the power of mechanical farming equipment, the natural world counted on a different kind of wanderer to cultivate and spread seeds across the lands. You guessed it – birds! Our avian friends spread seeds, help pollinate plants, and even prepare some seeds for germination. Plants provide endless benefits to our ecosystem, and we can thank birds for the diverse variety that we enjoy here in Houston and beyond.

Our Early Warning Sign

It doesn’t take a horror movie to know when things are too quiet—something may be wrong. Birds are our early warning system. Population trends can alert us to emerging environmental and public health concerns and the study of birds advances our understanding of the world around us.

All Natural Pest Control

Before they get in your house, birds are in your yard keeping the insects at bay. Thankfully we’re not alone in the fight, and birds help us maintain insect populations. The total biomass of insects consumed by wild birds is more than 400 million tons annually.

The Best Cleanup Crew

It’s a thankless job, but somebody has to do it. Luckily for us, there are plenty of birds that are more than happy to be a part of the clean-up crew! Scavenging birds, such as vultures and caracaras, provide an important service by cleaning up smelly and unsightly organic waste.

Flock to something great.

No matter your age, hobbies, or level of interest, there’s plenty for you to be a part of here. Maybe you’re already a member, but you’re looking for more ways to get involved. Or perhaps you’re not as interested in birds, but you love the natural world overall. From baby birds to empty nesters – Houston Audubon has activities for everyone, year-round.

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